If You Are a New Online Gambling or Gaming Site, You Can Get a Merchant Account

If You Are a New Online Gambling or Gaming Site, You Can Get a Merchant Account

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According to The Gambling Commission, online betting and gaming in the United Kingdom in the year 2016 contributed up to 33% of the market share for the industry. A huge portion of this was made up with sports betting, casino games and online bingo sites. Online paid gaming site as well as online casinos is more available than ever and, so, the need for gambling and online gaming payment processors to support this industry has also increased.

Gaming is booming


Simply said online gambling is booming, and this makes it even more vital for gaming merchants as well as platforms to find the best payment solutions for their clients and markets. If you are looking for an online gaming merchant account high risk, banks offering complete online gaming payment solutions and significant experience and expertise in the gaming industry, then you have come to the right place.

Gaming high risk


Online gambling is usually known as gaming within the merchant services industry. It is considered high risk by the majority of online account providers. Why – the reasons follow:

  • Online gambling features has a turnover that is high-volume
  • Most businesses for gaming are located offshore
  • If the business is new, banks have high requirements to back up for a lack of history of transaction and credit


Can get merchant account


But, if you function in the industry such as online gambling and online gaming and is high risk, you should not think you won’t get an online gaming account for your business. We advance relationships with an assortment of banks in the offshore and domestic areas for setting up merchant accounts for online gambling credit card or online casino credit card processing. You need to know about online gaming merchant account necessities, online gaming rates for merchant account and features of gatway for payment for online gaming as these will be different for new gambling sites.



iPayTotal focuses in both merchant accounts for online gaming and online casino payment gateways and offers the best gaming account in this industry. You will have to meet a lot of requirements, but you will be able to get the account.

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